Kory Koontz clinches 23rd National Finals Rodeo at Age 47

By | October 7, 2018

Kory Koontz defies all odds and continues to impress everyone around the world as he just qualified for his 22nd National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas this year. Koontz turned 47 this year and is continuing to impress everyone in the rodeo world. Koontz joined the PRCA in 1991 and has made the National Finals Rodeo except for 6 seasons which is an incredible statistic in a sport that some cowboys only last a couple of seasons.

“It takes being really hard-headed and no quit,” Koontz said of his numerous NFR qualifications. “For a long time, I said I’d never be doing this when I was 40, but the older I’ve gotten, I’m 47, and I still feel blessed to still be able to do it and I don’t take it for granted.”

Kory Koontz clinches 22nd NFR

Koontz is an inspiration for athletes all around the world. In a young man’s sport, Koontz has stood out as a testament that no matter how old you are you can compete in this sport. Koontz has career earnings of over $2 million dollars which is incredible for a sport that is not known for producing millionaire athletes. Koontz will continue to compete for as long as he possibly can and will only quit when his boy forces him to quit.

Koontz just clinched the Pasadena Livestock Show & Rodeo team roping title with a two-run aggregate time of 9.5 seconds. Koontz partners with a 23-year-old young gun, Dustin Egusquiza, in order to make him more competitive and they both help each other out and learn from each other in different ways. Koontz and Egusquiza finished with times of 4.6 in the first round and 4.9 in the second round which put them in the money for both rounds.

Koontz brings the years of experience and knows how while Egusquiza brings the youth and enthusiasm to the team. Koontz and Egusquiza have both earned over $100,000 this year and they were easily able to qualify for the National Finals Rodeo. This is Egusquiza’s second ever National Finals Rodeo and there will be plenty more to come as he learns from Koontz.

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“He’s made me work hard to be a good partner for him and to catch for him all of the time,” Koontz said. “My age and experience goes well with his enthusiasm and his go-get-it kind of attitude.”

The National Finals Rodeo is a cash grab for the world’s best competitors as there is over $10 million dollars worth of prize money that is given out every single year. Koontz and Egusquiza both earned over $100,000 during the 2017 National Finals Rodeo and they are looking to bring home a similar haul or even more this year. Koontz and Egusquiza will be looking to try and win a world title to add to Koontz’s legacy.

“In most of the last few years, whoever wins the average and who wins the most at the NFR is who wins the world,” Koontz said. “So, you’ve got to be geared to have a good 10 days out there in order to get the title and that’s what we’re gearing up for.”

There will be plenty of competition for Koontz and Egusquiza at the National Finals Rodeo that will be gunning for their money and to try and win the world title. Every fan should be excited to see this old cowboy enter the ring for the 22nd time this December and he will certainly have all of the fans on his side. Koontz has his work cut out for him but he will certainly not let his fans down and the rodeo down.

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