Steer Wrestling 2019 National Finals Rodeo Preview

By | October 7, 2018

Steer Wrestling is an incredibly intense and risky event at the 2019 National Finals Rodeo. The event will occur every single night at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas from December 5th to the 14th. Steer wrestlers have to try and tackle a steer while they are both traveling at over 30 miles per hour which makes for an exciting spectacle.

Let’s go over the basics of steer wrestling for those of us who have never watched the event before. The objective of the event is to try and wrestle the steer to the ground by the cowboy, also known as the bulldogger. The event starts off by the steer being released into the arena and getting a head start on the rider. The rider is let free when the steer gets a predetermined head start based on the size of the arena. The rider then has to ride up alongside the left side of the steer and then he has to begin to slide off the right side of his horse.

Steer Wrestling National Finals Rodeo Preview

While he is sliding off the side of his horse he has to grab both horns of the steer and attempt to wrestle the beast down to the ground. The steer must be on its side with all four of its feet pointing in the same direction for the time to stop. In addition to the rider, there is another horseman called the hazer that rides alongside the steer to stop the steer from veering away from the bulldogger. His role is extremely important and they usually receive one-fourth of the pay that the bulldogger receives.

Curtis Cassidy is the current leader at the top of the PRCA standings for steer wrestlers and he has been steer wrestling longer than a lot of people have been alive. Cassidy first joined the PRCA in 1998 but he was steer wrestling up in Canada for 11 years prior to joining the PRCA and he was the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association Rookie of the Year in 1987. Cassidy has never won a world title but has been very competitive in the PRCA and he has been to the National Finals Rodeo 5 times.

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Cassidy could have more appearances but he is very dedicated to the CPRA and chooses the Canadian events over the American events many times as his dad was the President of the CPRA and his mother was the secretary at one point. Cassidy is going to have a great shot at his first ever world title and he will make every Canadian proud by being one of the few Canadian cowboys to win a PRCA world title. Cassidy was inducted into the Canadian rodeo hall of fame

Tyler Pearson is having one of his best years in his career so far. The 33-year-old has really come into his own over the last couple of seasons and has qualified for the National Finals Rodeo twice in a row now. He will have a great chance at the world title and could easily overtake Cassidy in the rankings and take home his first ever world championship.

Scott Guenthner is a young up and comer in the world of steer wrestling. He just turned 27 this year and he qualified for his second National Finals Rodeo in a row and is quickly becoming one of the best wrestlers in the game. He finished 7th in the standings last year and is currently in 3rd so he should have his best finish ever and he also has a great chance at taking home the world title.

Steer Wrestling is one of the most entertaining events at the National Finals Rodeo and it will continue to be a part of the rodeo circuit for years to come. The competition in Las Vegas is something that you do not want to miss out on as this year should be extremely close and there are many different wrestlers that can take home the title. Make sure that you tune in every night from December 5th to the 14th to check out all of the great events at the National Finals Rodeo.

The Top 15 Steer Wrestlers in the 2019 National Finals Rodeo:

1          Curtis Cassidy
2          Tyler Pearson
3          Scott Guenthner
4          Ty Erickson
5          Will Lummus
6          Tanner Brunner
7          Hunter Cure
8          Bridger Chambers
9          Jacob Talley
10        Tyler Waguespack
11        Blake Mindemann
12        Riley Duvall
13        Blake Knowles
14        Kyle Irwin
15        Nick Guy

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